Scheduling and Availability

How to Schedule / Cancellation Policy

To schedule your cruise or event call Seas the Day Charters, LLC and ask for Captain John at (305) CAPTAIN or (305)227-8246 to check on the availability for your desired date and time to cruise.

With confirmed and paid reservations, Captain John will ensure your time slot will be available for cruise.

Cancellation, Weather delays and/or rescheduling

Your safety and personal comfort are of the utmost importance. Captain John reserves the right to delay, reschedule or cancel any reserved, scheduled or already underway tour, cruise or other event for the safety and comfort of any or all passengers at any time he deems most appropriate. Should any severe weather, including, winds, heavy seas, rain, lightning or any other weather event either forecasted or un-forecasted, become an issue, the Captain reserves the right to delay, divert, reschedule or cancel any reserved or scheduled tour, cruise or other event for the safety and comfort of the passengers at any given time.

Cancellation by Customer Policy
If you need to cancel a reservation, please do so within 24 hours of the time reserved so that other interested parties might have and opportunity to access that timeframe.

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