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Have you lost a loved one whose wishes were to be interned at sea?

Ash Interment at Sea – Captain John considers it a privilege to conduct an ash internment at sea and providing a keepsake for the family of the latitude/longitude that the ashes were interned. 

A Celebration of Life ceremony can also be arranged if the family and loved ones would like to accompany the Captain for the internment at sea.  You choose how your loved one’s ashes are interned:

  • The cremains may can be dispersed by sprinkling, done by one or all of the family members participating.  
  • They may can also be set adrift or sunken in biodegradable container.  
  • A biodegradable floating wreath, flowers or flower-petals may also can be released after the scattering of the ashes.  


A sunset internment at sea can be a moving and beautiful way to honor your loved one’s life, and to provide closure for the family.


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