Provisions for Your Charter

“Provisions” – a verb describing: “supply of food, drink or equipment, especially for a journey”

Seas the Day Charters, LLC and the captain and crew of the Manta can save you the hassle of provisioning your time out on the water. Simply let us know what specific drinks and food choices you would like to be aboard ship and Seas the Day Charters, LLC will: purchase, load, chill and prepare just what you require in time for your arrival on board.

Or, if you prefer, feel free to shop on your own and bring whatever food and drinks on board that you and your guests will enjoy. Seas the Day Charters, LLC will always have on-board the Manta, a cooler with cold bottled water and ice where you can feel free to keep your personal libations cold and refreshing.

NOTE: Seas the Day Charters, LLC will purchase and supply requested provisions. All purchase receipts will be presented and tallied with the selected hours rate you chartered Seas the Day Charters, LLC. All purchased provisions will incur an additional 20% purchase and service fee over its actual cost.

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