Ceremonies Land or Sea

There is nowhere quite as romantic as being on a boat at sea

Weddings |  Talk about a wedding to remember, have Captain John, or a minister of your choice “tie the knot” at sea or on a barrier island.  Have you been married for some time but need to remind yourselves of the vows you have taken and need to rekindle the spark?  


Renewing your vows on the sea, preferably on an evening with a beautiful sunset, for a night you will never forget!!! Captain John has officiated ceremonies at land venues such as The Ritz Carlton, The Don Cesar, Selby Gardens, all the area beaches and has been featured on “Say Yes to the Dress”, for an oceanside wedding he officiated on Captiva Island.  


Services can be conducted onboard for intimate parties of up to six persons, or for as many loved ones as you desire, an island wedding can be accommodated.  We’ll shuttle them six at a time to Snake Island, a picturesque location for a sunset wedding and maybe even a tiki torch island reception!  


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